As far as I’m concerned, people in my generation are the only true millennials. I mean, I graduated from high school in the year 2000, the beginning of the new millennium (by popular opinion, if not the actual beginning). They said that those in my class represented the future. It was an honor, yes, but it also came with very high expectations. Apparently, now there are two decades of people, most of whom are younger than us, who have been dubbed millennials and for whatever their reasons, older generations look down on millennials as a whole today. I guess things have changed.

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Hello world!

Hi everyone! I’m so excited about beginning this new journey of becoming a blogger. It has been a long time coming and I can’t wait to see what paths it will lead me on. Most importantly, I hope you all enjoy reading my writing as much as I enjoy writing it. Please take a look at my About page to find out more about where I am going with this blog. I plan to write at least two posts a week, so stay tuned!