Writing & Editing Services

Whether you have a business or personal website or blog, sometimes writing and editing content can be so time-consuming that it seems impossible to focus on the purpose of your website or blog. Save time by using our writing services so that you can concentrate on what matters most to your brand.

We provide services on any topic. However, our writing niches are on the topics of social justice, pop culture, current events, entertainment, beauty, fashion, travel, and food. Our technical writing niches are law, compliance, psychology, and social work.

See our list of services and pricing* below:

Biographies & About Pages

No matter what kind of blog or website you have, your customers, clients, or readers need to know who you are and why they should choose you. We can provide an effective and informative biography to suit whatever needs you may have.


  • $35 for 250 words
  • $60 for 500 words

Blog and Article Writing

You provide the topic and we write dynamic, thoughtful blog posts and articles that incite interest and engagement.


  • $60 for 500 words
  • $100 for 800 words
  • $175 for 1000 words

Note: please add an additional $20 for blogs or articles that require specialized knowledge or research

Mini Blog Posts

Shorter blog posts or articles that require little to no research or specialized knowledge.


  • $35 for 250 words

Copy Editing & Proofreading Blogs/Websites

We will proofread and edit your website copy for grammar, spelling, word use, organization, and sentence structure.


  • Price: $40 for each page of no more than 500 words (0.8 per word)

Book Editing

Our rates for book editing vary on the type of editing that you need.


  • Proofreading (correcting simple grammatical and spelling errors) is $3 per page
  • Copy editing (improving readability, reworking sentence structure, etc.) is $4 per page
  • Content editing (rewriting, etc.) is $7 per page

Editing & Proofreading Academic Papers

We will proofread and edit your academic paper for grammar, spelling, word use, organization, and sentence structure.


  • Price: $40 per 1,000 words (note: this is a student-only, discounted rate and customer must prove student status by emailing from their school email address; e.g. janedoe@acme.edu)

*All payments made via PayPal.

To order a service or if you have any questions, please contact Patricia Martin, founder and creator of The Glam Femme and The Glam Femm*inist Blog.

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