What is The Glam Femme*inist Blog?

The Glam Femme*inist blog was created by and is written by me, Patricia Martin, a woman who is learning to be intentional and thoroughly enjoy life. I am a woman who lives and breathes every day in full awareness of my intersecting social identities and I am a woman who believes that every person should have the right to live and love exactly the way they want, with no apologies. The purpose of this blog is for me to have an outlet to share my thoughts and inspirations through my passion, writing.

My hope is that The Glam Femme*inist will be the first blog by a QWOC that has fashion and beauty content as well as a focus on social consciousness. Because I am a queer woman of color there are several social issues that affect me and that are very important to me. Being femme, I am also interested in fashion and beauty, although I am definitely no expert at either. But I don’t want to have to choose between the two as if one negates the other. I want to use this platform to let people know that those who identify as femme come in all varieties, shapes, sizes, identities, abilities, and backgrounds. In this way, the Glam Femme brand represents the multi-dimensional femme experience, our unique perspectives, and the lives we live.


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