Winter Fashion: What Every Glam Must Have for 2017

Winter is here and because I hate the cold I usually have to find a silver lining to this change of season. Right now, the silver lining is putting together new outfits to make going outside in the Winter more bearable. I’ve been having some fun combining my Fall pieces with new winter pieces to make weather-appropriate, but stylish outfits. Here are some of my favorite Winter must-have looks!

Foxy Faux Fur

The faux fur jacket is a staple for the Winter. Now, I know what some of you are thinking, “Aren’t furs for fancy outings, I can’t wear one every day.” But guess what? That is far from true. If you have the right confidence, you can rock a fur with just about anything, even sweatpants. Here, I’m wearing a rust-colored faux fur jacket with distressed boyfriend jeans and a patch sweatshirt. Faux furs are not only versatile, but they are animal-friendly, inexpensive, and come in a variety of colors, lengths, and textures. Check out the links below to put together your own faux fur outfit!

Find similar Faux Furs at Saks Fifth AvenueBloomingdale’s, Lulu’sShein and for a plus size option, check out Lord & Taylor.

Find similar Patch Sweatshirts at Bloomingdale’s, Lord & Taylor, and  Shein. (DIY Note: you can buy patches from American Apparel and make your own patch sweatshirt!)

Find similar Distressed Boyfriend Jeans at Saks Fifth AvenueLulu’s, Topshop, Shein, and for a plus size option, check out Bloomingdale’s.

More Metallics

Metallics continue to be on trend this Winter and can be used as a neutral or matched up with similar tones, as I’ve done here. I had been searching everywhere for a silver loafer and I finally found these babies while shopping on Black Friday. I paired them with a cut-out gray top and a sleeveless trench, another great Black Friday find. See below for your own styling options!

Find similar Metallic Loafers at Lord & Taylor, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’sSaks Fifth Avenue, and Shein.

Find similar Sleeveless Trench Jackets at Bloomingdale’s, Lulu’s, and Shein. Also, check out these two plus size options from Society+, Option #1 and Option #2.

Find similar Grey Tops at Saks Fifth AvenueLord & Taylor, Topshop, and Shein. And look at these plus size picks from Society+ and Nordstrom, Option #1 and Option #2.

Knits in Distress

I’m sure this is not news to any of you Glams but apparently, Kanye’s distressed any and everything look has taken us all by storm. From mainstream retailers to high-end brands, it’s not just jeans that are purposely donning the destroyed look anymore. Here, I’m wearing a distressed knit sweater that is oversized enough to wear as a dress. Of course, I can throw on a pair of leggings or jeans on colder days. I’ve topped it off with fringe booties and a tassel clutch to dress it up a bit. Check out the links below to recreate this trend for yourself!

Find similar Distressed Sweaters at Bloomingdale’s (Option #1 and Option #2), Saks Fifth Avenue, and Shein (Option #1, Option #2, Option #3, Option #4).

Find similar Fringe Booties at Bloomingdale’s, Lord & Taylor, Lulu’s, and Shein.

Find similar Tassel Bags at Bloomingdale’s, Lulu’s, and Shein.

Edge for Life

These days, people are using dress more and more as a way to express themselves as an act of defiance against the status quo and even political regimes. There’s no better way to say “screw the establishment” than to dress in a way that is unexpected for you. I love experimenting with edgy looks, especially looks like this since I’m usually considered very feminine and somewhat conservative. Here, I’m wearing this awesome camouflage jacket and a mesh tee shirt and feeling like I can take over the world. Find similar pieces below!

Find similar Camouflage Jackets at Bloomingdale’s, Topshop (Option #1 and Option #2), and Shein. See this plus size alternative at Lord & Taylor.

Find similar Mesh Tops at Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor, and Shein. Check out these two plus size options, Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor.

Fashionably Textured

Texture is everything this Winter, which is great because these popular textures are so comfy. I’m wearing a long fuzzy knit cardigan with distressed black jeans and I’ve topped it off with a silver collar statement necklace. See below on how to achieve your own comfy chic look!

Find similar Fuzzy Cardigans at Bloomingdale’s and Lord & Taylor. See plus size options at Nordstrom, Option #1 and Option #2. BONUS: Check out this fuzzy pullover sweater and plush knit jacket from Shein.

Find similar Distressed Black Jeans at Saks Fifth Avenue, Lulu’s, and Shein. Check out this plus size option at Lord & Taylor.

Find similar Silver Statement Necklaces at Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor, and Shein.

The Not-So-Basic White Shirt

Whatever your aesthetic is, everyone has a white button-down shirt. But this season, it’s time to ramp it up a bit. The long silhouette of this shirt gives it a bit of a flair. It can be worn under a cropped sweater with leggings or jeans, as I’ve done here. I’m also wearing burgundy Chelsea boots with a chunky, platform heel, which I adore. Create this look for yourself below!

Find similar Long White Shirts at Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Lord & Taylor. See this plus size alternative at Nordstrom.

Find similar Cropped Black Sweaters at Bloomingdale’s, Lord & Taylor, American Apparel, and Shein. Check out this plus size option at Nordstrom.

Find similar Gold Chain Collar Necklaces at Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor, American Apparel, Topshop, and Shein.


UPDATE: Fall Fashion Follow Up

As a final note, I wanted to follow up on my Fall Fashion Post, “Fall is Here, So What to Wear?” All throughout Fall, I enjoyed putting the trends I wrote about into practice, especially the patch trend and the velvet trend. I even went all DIY and put patches and pins on a denim vest and an oversized military jacket. But I went a little crazy with the velvet; I stocked up with a bodysuit, a lace-up tank, a dress, boots and 3 pairs of leggings. But who can resist that soft, luxurious fabric? Anyway, have a look at a couple of my ensembles below!

If you loved my ideas and want to try them out or if you have your own Winter fashion looks to share, email me or leave a comment below!

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